How To Keep
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Cut Your Handicap in Half
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Discover How To
Quickly and Easily Hit Longer Drives,
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Hit the Ball as Solid as a Tour Player

REVEALED: Secret New System That Allows You to Keep YOUR Swing and Be the Envy of Your Foursome

And best of all, you will blaze your own trail like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger did, without having to spend hours a day on the practice tee.

There’s GOOD News!
Every golf swing is unique. The difference between those that have been able to unlock and tap into their unique golf swing to play excellent golf and those who spend time frustrated, losing balls, embarrassed and wasting money on gimmicks and quick fixes (that makes them worse) is an understanding of how to unleash the genius that is part of their natural human physiology and is in all of us!
Here’s what I mean. Did you know that the following golf legends have their own unique swing?
Do you have an upright backswing?
Did you know that Jack Nicklaus had an upright swing? And, of course, won 18 professional majors and 2 U.S. Amateurs.
Do you have a flat back swing?
The legendary Ben Hogan had a flat swing. That didn’t hurt him on his way to 9 major championships.
And yet they both preferred the same fade ball flight.

Do you have a funny looking follow through?
Arnold Palmer had a funny looking follow through but his peers voted him the longest, straightest driver of his day. What if he had changed that homemade swing because someone deemed he wasn’t fitting the correct mold?


Do you have a funny looking back swing and follow through?
Jim Furyk is known for his unique backswing and loop on the downswing and he has won a major and the FedEx Cup which was worth $10,000,000. Thank goodness his dad (who is a golf professional) let Jim be himself and molded him with a couple of key distinctions.
Are you short or tall?
Gary Player is 5’ 7” and had clubs that were longer than Tom Weiskopf who is 6’ 3”. Gary Player didn’t follow conventional wisdom about the length of his clubs, he understood something about golf that you need to learn as well.

These have been some of the most successful golfers in history, and yet they have done things differently.
But, what do they have in common, what is their secret?
Are you tired of Short Drives?

Are you annoyed with Swing Tips that Don’t Work?

Do you want to finally learn how to be consistent?

Are you struggling to get Power and a Repeatable Swing?
I Totally Understand
It is not your fault; you have probably seen so many different “solutions” out there that you are now completely confused and don’t even know where to start.

You might even have tried some of these “solutions” in the past but you’ve never been able to get any real results.

The truth is, without the right system, it is pretty much impossible to get lasting results.

Worst of all, most of the information out there about the golf swing is completely outdated or downright false!

Everybody seems to be a “Guru” these days… But the problem is, these so called “Experts” are not telling you what you absolutely need to do to have a Consistent, Powerful Swing.

Aren’t you tired of “solutions” that never work?
Isn’t it time to find a system that gets you a real result?
Real Results Like These…
“Charlie, I am 62 years old started playing golf in my 40’s and I have struggled to break a hundred, I have had a few lessons but still struggle. On Tuesday June 21 I played and shot a 106 I played today Tuesday June 28 and shot 90 my best round ever. The only thing different is I watched the first three video’s and practiced what you told me in my backyard. I improved 16 strokes in one week. WOW!!!! Looking forward to the next two videos. Thank you so much.”
– Mike Hargrave
“My overall golf has improved, handicap has come down and I feel confident over my shot. “
Wayne Fields
How To Hit the Ball Longer and Be More Consistent

In the past 25 Years I have been able to cut golfers’ handicaps in half and make them more consistent without changing their unique swing by following this exact system.

While these results are impressive, I am not sharing them to brag or anything like that. Instead I want to inspire you and let you know that you too can get great results if you take action and are serious about changing your golf game.

The first 3 years I played golf, I sliced…

For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why. I tried a lot of things but when it came time to play, I just had to start the ball 20 yards left of the target and let the ball come sweeping back to the right like a 30 mph gust of wind had hit it.

I would top the ball from time to time and be told “You lifted your head, Keep your head down.” I would keep my eye on one of the dimples on the ball and I would still top the ball which was confusing.
More about this issue later.

Then I hooked the ball after…a friend on the college golf team showed me how to hit the ball from the “inside” and “roll” my forearms. This was a big improvement. I picked up 15 yards on every iron and 30 yards on my driver. The only problem was I now needed 20 yards of clearance on the right side of the course to start my big sweeping right to left shot.

After trying on my own for 4 years, I signed up for my first lesson. This lesson hurt my golf game but has crystallized my teaching. He gave me a one-size-fits-all Method lesson where he changed everything about me in the first fifteen minutes. He widened my stance, straightened my legs (no knee flex), showed me a one-piece takeaway, had the club drop to parallel to the ground to start the downswing and we turned to a complete finish. If some of the changes didn’t make sense to you, let me tell you they didn’t make sense to me either. My Nature and personality were being changed along with the mechanics of my swing.

There are too many swing methods that tantalize you with claims of scientific infallibility. There are friends who mean well, but let’s be honest: They don’t have a clue.

There are the golf magazines and now YouTube and the Golf Channel where you get unrelated tips and you chase your tale at the driving range or simply try to put it into practice on the course.

Here’s the bottom line: You want to get better at golf and hit the fairways, be more accurate, be more consistent, make more putts and shoot lower scores.

I’ve tried the learn-on-your-own approach and had marginal success. I went for the rigid method lesson and got dramatically worse.

I don’t want this to happen to you.
My first lesson disaster sent me on a quest to find out the best way to learn golf. I studied motor learning principles, sports psychology, coaches and teachers in other sports and much more. This research led to a teaching system that is centered on your unique personality and attributes.

So after spending the past months perfecting every single element of this system, it is finally ready.
If you too want to Swing the Club YOUR Way and learn the 2 Tweaks that Tour Players have in common, then this system is for you.



Case Study: Ron Foster

Ron Foster is a lot like you. Was a lot like you! Ron yearned for more enjoyment out of the game he truly enjoyed. Just playing was no longer enough; Ron wanted to play well.
125 to 80 in 14.
When Ron came to the Reynolds Golf Academy, he was hitting fat shots and thin shots and he had a definitive slice. He began to take lessons and followed our step-by-step program to a tee. He was diligent in coming for periodic lessons and steadily practicing, but not hours on end. He just practiced the Essential elements a few minutes at a time.
After 14 months, Ron’s game showed steady progress.
Then it happened:
“The day this former “125′er” broke 80, he actually called me at home on a Sunday. Ron told me it was so much fun he wishes he had done this sooner. You can just imagine my feeling of satisfaction and pride.”
– Charlie King
Ron recently played in a tournament where last year he shot a hefty 121. This year he shot an astounding 81! That’s 40 shots better in one year!*
*Results may vary – but pretty cool!


Introducing the
Y.O.U Swing System
The Y.O.U. Swing System is a complete step by step system that will teach you exactly how to finally get the Consistency and Distance you deserve.

When you take action today you will get instant access to the online portal where you can go through the video training, download the PDF checklist and ask me any questions you might have.

Inside You will learn:
(If you have modules, then introduce each module and do a list of what they will learn and the benefits. If you don’t, then add a list of benefits below.)

• In Module 1: What Makes YOU Unique – Y.O.U. Swing Evaluations for Personality, Build and Tempo
You’ll learn:
In Module 1 you learn your personality so you play to your strengths. If your personality is conservative, you’ll play better with a conservative approach to golf.
1. If you’re a risk taker, you’ll play better by taking risks. You will identify which personality you are. This defines the best way you play.
2. After your personality is defined, we take your build into account. Thin people swing differently than stocky people. I will show you how.
3. Tempo. You’ll learn the most important aspect of what makes you unique. Your tempo of life is part of your personality. You need to play at your tempo whether it is slow, medium, or fast.

• In Module 2: Y.O.U. Swing Big Five – The 5 Skills That Great Golfers Have in Common
You’ll learn:
1. The “stinger” impact that ALL great players have in common.
2. I will show you how to hit it as solid as a tour player.
3. Sensing face angle in your swing will become second nature. Squaring the face at impact is the key to hitting the ball to the target. You’ll learn how to master this skill.
4. Effortless speed may seem like a contradiction in terms. I will show you how to hit the ball farther effortlessly.
5. I will show you the one drill that has given my students the most distance over the years.

6. You will learn how to count your way to more consistent golf.
7. Want a tour player “slot”? You got it! I’ll show you the concept behind a tour player “slot” on the downswing.
8. The key to consistency is the circle of the golf swing. I will show you how to get the consistency of a circular golf swing.
9. A wide back swing is key! You’ll learn the tactic key of width.

• In Module 3: The Essential Two – These 2 Skills Can Set You Apart
You’ll learn:
1. The three functions of a good grip.
2. You’ll learn how to improve your posture to prevent injury.
3. I will show you how to aim to a target. It might not be what you think.
4. Want to know if you’re a “Towel Popper” or a “Towel Waver”? I’ll help you to distinguish which one you are.
5. The concept of resistance is rarely taught; I will show you why it is important. You’ll really get to see what the body does in the golf swing.
• In Module 4: Take it to the Course – How to Take Your Swing From the Range to the Course
You’ll learn:
1. Two kinds of practice. There’s one that everybody knows and the other almost nobody knows about.
2. I’ll show you the one swing key that will never hurt your game.
3. The simple 3-Step routine that will make you CONSISTENT on the course
4. The one mindset that give Jack Nicklaus and other greats the Edge in competition.
• In Module 5: Advanced Techniques – These Little Known Insider Techniques Will Shave Off Strokes
You’ll learn:
1. Advanced techniques for working on your hook or slice.
2. You’ll finally learn the very important (and little known) secret to resistance!
3. You’ll learn the advanced skill for MASTERING the driver
4. Learn how to hit the ball with authority
5. You’ll be able to “cut” your way out of hooks
6. Learn the secret formula to effortless club head speed
7. Take away the mystery of the shank and give you a simple solution for this demoralizing shot

• In Module 6: Video Analysis Proof – I Show You What The Uniqueness of Great Players
You’ll learn:
1. How Jack Nicklaus and Ben Hogan swing completely different and both play a fade.
2. Why Arnold Palmer had that signature lariat follow-through
3. Why Jim Furyk’s swing works
4. The “Stinger” Impact of ALL great players
5. The “Slot” that great players regardless of style.
6. PLUS, Many more key elements great players have in common that you can integrate into YOUR game.


In Module 7: How to Practice

You’ll learn:

1. Drills and Practice routines that will help you become a pure, solid, ball striker
2. 4 Week Practice Calendar that will help you turn practice into habit!
Here Is a Recap of The Huge Value You Get Today

I will show you how to hit the ball as solid as a Tour Player, but doing it your way.

• What Makes YOU Unique – Y.O.U. Swing Evaluations for Personality, Build and Tempo
• Y.O.U. Swing Big Five – The 5 Skills That Great Golfers Have in Common
• The Essential Two – These 2 Skills Can Set You Apart
• Take it to the Course – How to Take Your Swing From the Range to the Course
• Advanced Techniques – These Little Known Insider Techniques Will Shave Off Strokes
• Video Analysis Proof – I Show You What The Uniqueness of Great Players
• HOW to Practice
This is over $900 if you were to take private instruction to get this information of value packed into this complete system.

PLUS You get these FREE BONUSES:

Your Free V1 Video Analysis…a $79 Value
Solid Contact Project — 2 Videos and a 14 Day Practice Plan that will help you hit the ball as solid as a tour player…a $37 Value


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It is as simple as that.

That is how confident I am about the Y.O.U. Swing System.
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“As a former student, I wanted to tell you that with your help I was able to win my club’s Senior Men’s Net Championship. I’ve been practicing what you preached and it really paid off. I shot two rounds of 83 and 79. And I’ve never broken 80 before. Your 3-day Red Zone school really works! Remember I’m the guy who couldn’t accurately pitch, chip or putt on your preliminary test scores. Well I hit 27 of 36 greens and won closest to hole on a par 3. I didn’t miss a putt that was less than 8 feet. Thanks again for your help! After struggling for so many years, it sure has made golf a fun game to play.”
– Brad Kibler, Atlanta, GA

“I was a pretty good player, but I hooked the ball and hit it high and thin. I had been told some conflicting things that included the statement that I was ‘getting ahead of it’. In one lesson Charlie completely changed my understanding of cause and effect and it was so simple to understand. I am playing the best golf of my life and know exactly how to fix my swing when it gets off. Nobody explains the golf swing and short game better than Charlie King.”
– Brian Candela, Orlando, FL

“I took many lessons over the years and was a struggling golfer and very frustrated. I heard about Charlie King and decided to take the chance. The change in my game has been unbelievable. I literally picked up 30 yards on each iron and 50 yards on my driver. I actually enjoy golf again. I’ve taken 15 shots off my game in a few months. Thanks, Charlie.”
– Tim Mahoney, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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