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Courtesy of Dalvey

Who Writes for Anti-Method Golf? The people who write for the AMG.com  are the future pillars of the AMG.com community. If you teach golf, or you’re an expert in a related field, you’re what we’re looking for. If you live and breathe golf, golf instruction, and uniqueness and individualism, we want your insight. In other words, we’re looking for contributors who are constantly seeking out new ways to simplify golf, but also happen to love teaching like-minded folks. What we’re not looking for: Freelance writers with amazing chops, but no real insight into making golfers better using their unique swing and all it's mannerisms. What AMG.com Blogs About At Anti-Method Golf, we like to keep things simple. That’s why we limit our content to six major topic areas: Skills-based Golf Instruction Fitness Equipment Short Game Mental Toughness Practice These are the big content anchors that hold AMG on course. In addition to your tips and advice, we encourage you to share your personal anecdotes, experiences, and stories. For example, if a certain experience with a golfer taught you something that changed the way you think about teaching, that’s something our community will relate to. We’re Well Written Our desired content level on the AMG.com is anywhere from Beginner to Intermediate. Perhaps the best word is “approachable.” Focus on keeping your content entertaining, informative, and succinct. We encourage you to break down complex ideas, give step-by-step instructions, and tell stories that help illustrate your ideas. Be interesting. The only ironclad rule we can give you is that your content must be 100% up-to-date. The latest and best ideas. We Are Quality Our target word count is exactly how many words it takes to get your point across in a blog post — no more, no less. We are looking for posts that give value to our readers. Share what you know, cover new ground, tell readers what you’ve discovered… and run spell check for heaven sakes. When it comes to your writing style, remember to keep it conversational. Break down your ideas into jargon-free, easy-to-read sentences that any beginner level reader can engage with. Remember that this is a blog, so the better users can understand, the more they’ll appreciate your content. What’s in it for YOU? AMG.com is a great place to build your personal brand. In fact, it’s all about you — the community of teachers, trainers and performance experts who are constantly innovating and always willing to share your resources. Each day, we’re telling the story of this community, which both our readers and contributors are a part of. As a contributor, we want to help you tell your story. We’ll provide you with an opportunity to link back to your site in each article and our social team will make you feel like a online marketing celebrity. However, we do require helpful, informative content… not sales copy. We want to sell YOU, the marketing genius, on AMG.com… not your products and services. In addition to linking to your website in your author bio, you’ll be plugging into the hyperactive community of marketers that visit the site each day looking for fresh, useful content. Guest Blogger Submission Flow All AMG.com content will get one last check through by our managing editor to check for grammar, punctuation, etc. If there are any issues that need to be resolved, we’ll contact you via email. Think you’ve got the chops to become a AMG.com guest contributor? Send your guest content for consideration to: submissions[at]AntiMethodGolf[dot]com Please include at least one link and one photo in each submission. All guest posts must be edited and proofread prior to submission. ALSO, don’t forget to include a short 3-5 sentence bio, along with relevant website and social media links — so we can make you famous!