What is Anti-Method Golf?

I’m glad you asked. 2_MG_7803

Anti-Method Golf is a new way to get a golf lesson. It is a new way to think about the golf swing. It is a new way to think about the short game, the mental side of the game and reaching the potential that is stuck inside of you until we help you release it.

We believe that you are Unique and Individual. There is nobody quite like you. No Two Golfers Are the Same.

The greatest players of all time haven’t copied somebody else. They took what they had and maximized it. They blazed their own trail. They maintain a strong belief in themselves. Jack Nicklaus had an upright swing and Ben Hogan had a flat swing and yet they both preferred a fade ball flight. Lee Trevino won majors and so did Arnold Palmer and Ray Floyd. All had unique mannerisms but great ball-striking stats and scoring averages.

Rigid Methods create a One-Size-Fits-All Model and teach everyone to make all the moves of this method. This takes your individuality away. This makes you a Robot coming off an assembly line. You might as well be back in school and the teacher has the entire class reciting a passage from a textbook for memorization. Doesn’t that make you feel good.

At Antimethodgolf.com we are going to show you example after example of great players and their unique idiosynchrosies. We’re going to show you what great players have in common and what we can all learn from that. We are going to show you EXACTLY how to keep the swing that is uniquely yours and make you GREAT.

We believe that your personality, your mindset, the way you’re built and the pace you walk and talk MUST be taken into account for you to play golf your way and reach your potential as a player.