The Miami Heat, The Harlem Shake and Golf

By on April 11, 2014

I have a question that doesn’t directly relate to golf. It is an informal survey I have been doing amongst friends and I wanted your opinion. First of all let me give some background on why I am asking for your thoughts.

I grew up mainly playing basketball. I love basketball and unlike most people I talk to, I like the NBA better than college.

Because of golf consuming me for the last 25 years, I’ve played very little basketball and I’ve watched less and less. Less that is, until June of 2011.

In June of 2011, I watched the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks. Again, unlike most people I was pulling for the Heat. I’ve always liked the way Dwayne Wade plays basketball and found myself pulling for Miami.

As Dallas wrested control of the series and LeBron didn’t score much in the 4th quarter, I thought the criticism he took was over the top. He is more of a team player and as he was double teamed he was passing to the open man who’s job it is to hit wide open shots. I know LeBron would change certain aspects of how he played, but the level of criticism made me pull for LeBron even more.

The 2012 NBA season rolls around and I find myself watching more games. A few games here and there, but still not a rabid fan like I used to be. Then the 2012 playoffs start. I found myself watching every game or checking the box score online when I couldn’t be in front of a TV. I was nervous during the Pacers series as Bosh got hurt and Dwayne Wade a bad game 2. Then the Heat are down 2 games to 1 and behind by double digits in game 4. The Heat storm back with a big third quarter, they win the game and the next two games to win the series.

LeBron has an epic game 6 against the Celtics and then they win game 7 and it off to the Finals. The Thunder were heavy favorites and after the blowout victory in game 1 you could see why. The Heat wrested home court advantage in game 2 and then won all three at home to take the series.

I was nervous and pumped for each game. I was yelling at the TV like any crazed fan would do. I was fully vested back into NBA basketball like I used to be as a Dr. J fan with the Sixers.

I watched the Olympic basketball games and I am watching all the games this year and almost bought the NBA League Pass for $189.

I also like how the Heat are having fun with the Harlem Shake. See below. 34,000,000 Views in 5 days.








Here’s my survey question. Has anybody had this same experience in the last year and a half? The experience of being a casual fan of the NBA and out of nowhere getting interested again. From my survey of friends and family, I am currently the only one who has had this experience.

What Does This Have to Do With Golf?

This may seem convoluted as to how does this has anything to do with golf. Here’s what it got me thinking about this weekend. How many of us need a catalyst to get reignited about golf like I got reignited about basketball? How many of us have lost that excitement of the game.

I hope my emails and videos can be that catalyst from time to time.

The biggest catalyst I see is seeing improvement in your game.

Below I have a couple of products that will give you the tips to get you on the right track and be the catalyst for getting positively addicted to golf again.

Also, in the comment section, please let me know what topics you would like me to talk about in upcoming emails, videos and blog posts. I am your coach and I want to motivate, inspire and coach you to your best golf.

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