Rob Report: Exposing Golf’s Truths

By on May 8, 2014
Arnold Palmer Golf Swing

Rob Report
Exposing golf’s truths

Methods and the latest fads are a constant. It’s human nature to be attracted to the “next great thing”. Usually it’s “scientifically superior or proven”, doubters are “old school” and don’t understand the science. Consumers are attracted because of the promises and certainty the fad diet espouses to provide. Methods can work for some. Tiger woods could probably win a PGA tour event with any number of “Methods”. But, don’t confuse these styles and nuance for the “true-skills” of golf.

The Rob Report will provide data both statistical data (tour stats) or Swing Data. This data will help golfers sift through the noise, and understand what truly matters. If a teacher has found the “secret” to swinging a golf club or putting, then all great players past and present should do it, very few to “no” exceptions. If a golfer lacks these “secrets” ….then they should not be on Tour and they certainly shouldn’t be winning majors.

Additionally, strict-methods should (if superior) yield statistically superior results, the teachers stable of tour players should be statistical leaders and major champions over time. If Major Champions and statistical leaders in ball-striking, and total driving don’t do what the “method” calls for, then it’s baseless.

Method teachers all have one or two students they point to and say “see!… so and so is playing the best golf of his/her life”. But, they fail to mention the talented players who were destroyed along the way trying to “fit the model”.  Player’s stripped of everything that “didn’t look right”, or “wouldn’t hold up under pressure”.  Taking away everything that made them tick. If an “unconventional” looking tour player (Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Bubba Watson…the list could go on) had come for a lesson at 16 years old, where would they be today? on tour ? Doubt it. Methods work for a small percentage of the talent pool, ones with just the right body type, mindset, and swing tendencies.

Truths stand the test of time. Methods come and go. They rocket up in popularity and then most vanish into obscurity. Lets take a look back at some of Golfs’ FAD DIETS.

  • Square to Square
  • The Golfing Machine
  • Jimmy Ballard Connection
  • Mac O’Grady MORAD
  • David Leadbetter
  • Gravity Golf
  • Natural Golf
  • Stack and Tilt
  • “New” Square to Square

The Rob Report gives a voice to all the unheralded teaching professionals who teach solid- principled lessons. They may not be marketing specialists or great salespeople, but they understand how to help golfers improve. They understand the difference between style and skill and they are skill focused.


Rob Bowser, Lead Staff Instructor at the Reynolds Golf Academy, Greensboro, Georgia. Rob works with Golf Digest Top 50 Golf Instructor, Charlie King. Rob has worked with 5 Top 100 Teachers, notably he worked as World #3 Instructor, Jim McLean's Personal Teaching Assistant. A true student of the game. Rob has taught for over 15 years, He was nominated for GOLF Magazine's ”Top 100″ & Golf Digest ”Top in State”. He has worked with Professionals, Developmental, College, and Top Ranked-Juniors. He has competed Professionally on the Gateway Tour, was Captain of the University of Maryland Golf Team, and was ranked as one of the Top 50 Junior Golfers in the United States.

Hometown: Boston, MA
College: University of Maryland, Captain Men's Golf Team
Graduate School: Babson College, MBA
TPI Certified

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