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By on February 17, 2014
Hogal drill

If you’re a golfer, you know of Ben Hogan. Hogan has a reputation of being such a great ball striker. What if you had all birdie putts in a round, what would you shoot?

That’s why we call it the Hogan Game. Ben’s hitting all of your full swing shots and gets you all birdie putts. He’s hit all the greens in regulation, you’ve got 9 birdie shots in this 9 hole version(You could also do 18 holes).

The Hogan Drill

There will be 3 short – 4-6 footers, 3 medium – 10-20 footers and 3 makeable long putts of about 25 feet.

For example: On the 1st hole, I have stiffed it, I’ve got a 4 footer straight up the hill. So I go mark the ball and place it, I go through my routine. Alright so it’s birdie number 1. The more you imagine the situation, the more value the drill has.

So for the second hole, we will use the same hole but from a different angle. That has a slightly right to left break. Now I’ve got about a 10-12 footer.  I make good effort but it doesn’t go in, so I will now tap this in.

Now that you get the idea play the remaining holes and make sure that the mix is three short putts, three medium putts, and three 25 footers.


Evaluate and Make a Plan

Let’s say I shoot even par. I now know I have work to do. I evaluate whether it was more of a speed problem, a direction problem or a green reading problem. I then use the putting drills for the problem that is identified.

I am going to work on those and then come back into the competitive game. That way I am going back and forth between technique and compete and that is preparing me to take the skills that I have out to the golf course. Keep that up and you will reach your potential.

Applying Your New Knowledge

These competitive drills that we are using transfers our technique to the golf course. So if all you do is technique practice, then a lot of time you wonder why I do it so well on the range or the short game area and not as well at the golf course. So many times we are not putting ourselves in competitive situations and making it a one ball counts situation.

Practice what you know and you are on your way. If you want more tips and drills like this, feel free to check out more articles in this category.


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