One Drill that will help you Chip, Pitch, Hit better Irons, Hybrids and Fairway Woods

By on August 11, 2014


If I was to tell you that I had one drill to help you become more skillful at one execution and it would improve your chipping, pitching, irons, hybrids and fairway woods, would you take it??  I hope so!

Well here it is.

The most important area of the golf swing is impact.  The only thing the ball knows is at what angle the club is travelling towards it, at what speed and at what direction.  There are many ways to get there, no perfect model, but impact has to be right on.  Too many players concentrate on looking perfect, and forget the most important part.  I cannot tell you how many golfers, in over 20 years of teaching, I have seen with beautiful looking swings, but can’t hit the ball.  Same holds true of swings that look a little different, but they hit it great.  What is the difference, impact.

To make good clean impact with any club that is designed to hit the ball off of the ground (irons, hybrids, fairway woods) the hands must lead the club head into impact creating some forward lean of the shaft towards the target.  This action creates an angle of attack where the club will hit the ball on the way down to the bottom of the swing which is approximately 4 inches in front of the ball.  So we have to hit ball, and then the ground with the divot after the ball.


All you need is a golf towel, or a regular towel.  Put a ball on the ground and set the towel flat on the ground behind the ball about 8-10”.  Your goal is to be able to hit shots with the above listed clubs without hitting the towel on the downswing.  Let your brain figure out how to do it.  The goal is to get out of scooping any of these clubs.  Take the towel over to the practice green and hit chips and pitches.  Can you hit these shots without hitting the towel?

If you master this drill you will become a ball striker beyond your wildest dreams!!!

Steve Whidden Golf


He is the Director of Instruction at Rosedale Golf and Country Club in Bradenton FL. He owns and operates The Steve Whidden Golf Academy. He is New Rules Golf Coach Certified He was named "Top 50 Instructor in America" by Golf Range Magazine (2013); North Florida PGA Section Teacher of the Year (2013); North Florida PGA Southwest Chapter Teacher of the Year (2013, 2010). He is the creator and director of the Instruction Division, North Florida PGA Southwest Chapter.

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