Let us Analyze Your Golf Swing

This page will walk you through the process of sending your golf swing to ANTI-METHOD GOLF for analysis.

1. Watch Video on this page

– We’ve created a quick video to help you understand what angles to capture your swing from and how you should set-up your camera/phone.

V1-sendusvideo-screenshotClick On The Image Above To Play The Video

2. Download: the necessary V1 app. Click here or click the V1 golf image below to download




-You will then need to select the appropriate app marketplace to download


3. Select:   Login and select the correct academy

-When the “Locker” tab is selected and the title bar is labeled “Select Academy”

-IF…Reynolds Plantation Golf Academy is not the default

-Hit the “+ “button in the top right corner

-Search for “Reynolds Plantation Golf Academy”

-Select “King, Charlie”

-Click Green Button “Use this Academy & Pro”

-You will then select Reynolds Plantation Golf Academy in the “Select Academy Screen”

4. Video your swing

5. Send Video: Open the video (One face-on & One Down-the-line swing) you want to send, touch the “V1” icon in the top left and select “Send Video…” and your done.



3. Log In

4. Capture/Import your video

5. Analyze Video (this needs to be done first in order to get the video into a format V1 Pro understands)

6. Click MENU, and then Upload/Assign

7.  In the “Choose an Academy” list, select Reynolds Plantation Golf Academy

8Select Charlie King as instructor

9. Wait for the Upload to finish